Kelly Flynn

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Kelly Flynn is the Lead Harmony Teacher at the D’Addario location on Long Island. She is also the assistant teacher for Harmony Program Youth Orchestra-South, a Full Symphonic Orchestra that was created this past Fall 2016. She has taught for the Harmony Program and the D’Addario Foundation for almost 2 years. Kelly Flynn received her Bachelors of Music in Music Education at SUNY Fredonia in Fall 2011 and is a certified NYS pre-K through 12th grade music teacher. She has taught private voice, and music lessons to the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos’, 4 children in the summer of 2014. She has studied in the Italian Alps at the Schlern Music Festival, and was a violinist in the Santa Monica Symphony in California. Kelly Flynn is a multi-instrumentalist: Violinist, Violist, Cellist, Bassist, Vocalist, and Pianist. Kelly Flynn has taught music all over the world; some places include: Australia, Manhattan, Chinatown, Los Angeles, Burbank, Thousand Oaks and now Long Island. She has been the concertmaster of the New Inlet Chamber Orchestra, which has been featured on News 12, and which she still currently performs for when she is not teaching. Kelly Flynn has performed in numerous ensembles and many string quartets over the past 20 years, and has over 10 years of private teaching experience. She enjoys Powerlifting in her free-time when she is not playing music.

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