Jake Sandakly


Jake Sandakly is a vocalist, educator, songwriter, and music technologist based in NYC. Born into a musical family near Worcester, MA, Jake grew up performing in musical theatre productions, singing in various choirs, and playing rock guitar in several bands. Jake has experience as a vocal coach in both private and large group settings, working with students from elementary school to college.

Jake earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology from NYU in 2019. There, he studied the practices and technology behind music recording and production, audio for film and TV, computer programming for music applications, product design and electronics, and cutting-edge virtual reality and immersive audio techniques. He spent time outside of class performing in and directing musicals as well as composing his own music. Jake is currently pursuing his Master’s at NYU (class of 2020) with a focus in technology for the K-12 music classroom.

Jake hopes to integrate music technology with music education to modernize K-12 music curricula and tools. In his choral teaching, Jake uses innovative, technology-based methods to facilitate the development of creativity, autonomy, collaboration, and vocal technique in his students.

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