From Brooklyn to the Bronx, we provide high-quality music education to young people in underserved communities.



Our Objectives

We aspire simultaneously to train a new generation of music students and music teachers.

Our Model

We provide after-school instruction to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to make music. We recruit and train as their teachers recent graduates of top music programs and conservatories.

What Our Students Receive

As many as 400 hours of after-school instruction each year, musical instruments, and cultural enrichment -- all free of charge.

What Our Teachers Receive

Up to 30 hours of annual professional development training, formal classroom observation and evaluation, competitive compensation, and year-round support.

What Distinguishes Us?

  • Our commitment to serving those in need
  • Our physical presence in the communities we target
  • The intensity and quality of our instruction
  • Our emphasis on the social value of ensemble performance
  • Our system of year-round teacher training and evaluation

How You Can Help

With your support, we can provide more children with the benefits of music education.