Meet the Harmony Program Cellos Students at the United Palace of Cultural Arts

Last Friday at the United Palace, David Wiley’s cello students had been rehearsing for nearly an hour. It was just before 4:30 and the session was only halfway through, but the students took a few minutes to offer some thoughts about learning music:

You’ve all come a long way in a short time. Is it as easy as you make it look?

Wagner: In my opinion, the hardest part is learning where to put your fingers.

Valys: Sightreading is tough, but you learn to play the notes, and then it’s like just like reading.

What are you looking forward to learning this semester?

Jackson: I want to learn more advanced songs and I really want to learn 4th position.

Valys: Slurs!

Gabriela: I want to learn how to play 16th notes!

Of all the subjects to learn, why choose music?

Paul: Music is just … part of life. I think everyone likes it.

Valys: It’s entertaining to people, too.

Gabriela: Yea, music calms people down. It soothes them. It’s relaxing.

Jackson: I think that music helps us to express our emotions. And we hear other people’s feelings, too.

Leslie: Music is fun to learn. I love to play at home and I love to play for my younger sisters.

Valys: Me too. My sister loves when I teach her stuff, even though she’s older than me.


Thanks to David and the students for taking the time to talk with us!

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