Our mission of expanding access to music education is made possible through our partnerships.


after-school music education programs

We partner with schools and community centers to bring instrumental music instruction to young people in the communities where they live and learn. With our after-school partners, we create valuable educational opportunities while supporting the development of our students and the greater community.


Free concerts and performances for children in NYC

Our cultural partnerships introduce Harmony families to a variety of performances and cultural venues. Visiting artists, field trips to performances, master classes, and professional coaching all enhance the learning experience for our teachers and students alike.


Harmony’s college and university partners make invaluable contributions to our work, from hosting classes and performances, to assisting in teacher recruitment, training, and evaluation.

We work with schools, community organizations, universities, and cultural institutions to create learning opportunities that have a lasting impact on students and families.

Our partner programs:

PS 124

At PS 124 in Chinatown, students participate in after-school group violin lessons.


In Brooklyn, the Flatbush YMCA hosts our flagship youth orchestra program, featuring students and graduates from several public schools and the local community.

Our after-school programs at PS 194, PS 145, and PS 165 are an extension of our partnership with the YMCA, where we provide brass instruction to beginner students after school.

PS 107

Through a partnership with PS 107, we provide after-school woodwind instruction in the Bronx.

D’Addario Foundation

On Long Island, students from a local elementary school participate in group lessons on the violin, viola, and cello through our partnership with the D’Addario Foundation.

Community Partnership Charter School

At Community Partnership Charter School in Bed-Stuy, elementary students receive after-school group woodwind lessons.


At The United Palace of Cultural Arts in Washington Heights, we provide instruction on violin, viola and cello to children from 13 local public schools.

MS 358Q

At MS 358 Q in Jamaica, Queens, we provide after-school group violin lessons to middle school students.


At UASEM in Lower Manhattan, we provide after-school flute and clarinet lessons to high school students. Our Harmony Program Youth Orchestra (South) also meets at UASEM for their Saturday rehearsals.

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