Our mission of expanding access to music education is made possible through our partnerships.

Meet our Partners

Who We Work With


We partner with schools and community centers to bring instrumental music instruction to young people in the communities where they live and learn. With our after-school partners, we create valuable educational opportunities while supporting the development of our students and the greater community.


Our cultural partnerships introduce Harmony families to a variety of performances and cultural venues. Visiting artists, field trips to performances, master classes, and professional coaching all enhance the learning experience for our teachers and students alike.


Harmony’s college and university partners make invaluable contributions to our work, from hosting classes and performances, to assisting in teacher recruitment, training, and evaluation.

The Harmony Program’s intensive and high quality programs prepare children to be valuable members of their orchestras and valuable members of their communities.

Our Partner Programs

Castle Bridge School

At the Castle Bridge School in Washington Heights, students receive beginner violin instruction.

Ella Baker

At Ella Baker in Midtown East, students learn violin and viola. In addition, Ella Baker hosts one of our new Harmony Program choral programs.

Global Community Charter School

In Harlem, students at the Global Community Charter School are learning first-year violin and clarinet.

MS 322

At MS 322 in Washington Heights, middle school students are singing in group choir classes.

MS 358

In Jamaica, Queens, our students at MS 358 receive violin, cello, and group chorus lessons. In addition, MS 358Q houses the Queens branch of our Harmony Program Youth Orchestra.

PS 003

At PS 003 in Bed-Stuy, our third-year students are receiving advanced violin instruction.

PS 059

In Bed-Stuy, our young students at PS 059 come together for group choir classes three times a week

PS 114

Students at PS 114 in Canarsie are receiving their third year of advanced violin instruction.

PS 107

In the Soundview neighborhood of the Bronx, students at PS 107 are learning violin, flute, trumpet, percussion, and choral singing.

PS 124

In Chinatown on the Lower East Side, students at PS 124 learn violin, viola, and cello at all levels, from beginner to advanced. In addition, PS 124 hosts the South branch of Harmony Program’s Youth Orchestra.

PS 128

At PS 128 in Washington Heights, we provide instruction on cello to students from various schools across the neighborhood.

PS 173

In Washington Heights, students at PS 173 take group violin and chorus classes.

PS 315

In Flatbush, Brooklyn, PS 315 hosts another one of Harmony Program’s new youth choirs.

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