Welcoming Claudia Encinas

Published On: September 26, 2023

The Harmony Program welcomes Claudia Encinas as our new Program Director for In-School Instruction. Claudia will lead the development and management of the Harmony Program’s school day programming across 11 schools in the Bronx.

Claudia, a half-Peruvian and half-Cuban violist, has dedicated herself to expanding the limits of classical music and creating opportunities for young musicians of color to break into the field. She started the violin at age three and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in viola performance. After obtaining an MS in leadership in creative enterprises from Northwestern University, Claudia joined the New England Conservatory as the Large Ensemble Manager for the Preparatory School. Most recently, Claudia served as the Director of Programming & Operations at the Heifetz International Music Institute, where she helped the program increase diversity in its faculty, staff, and student body. Claudia also has a passion for finding ways to incorporate technology into the field of classical music.

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