Every day after school, our students are making music and learning life skills.


Harmony students receive a comprehensive music education. Our intensive curriculum exposes students to fundamental skills and advanced concepts in music theory, music appreciation, and performance.


Our students experience the rewards of collaborating in a musical community. Working together toward common goals encourages dedication and focus, skills that our students can apply both at school and at home.


We’re dedicated to engaging and inspiring our students and their families. Through our network of partnerships, our students have free access to concerts and coaching by accomplished professional musicians.

Meet our students

The Harmony Program’s intensive and high quality programs prepare children to be valuable members of their orchestras and valuable members of their communities.

Harmony for students


We train students to read, perform, and appreciate music in its many styles and forms.


All Harmony Program students receive instruments, supplies, and lessons completely free of charge.


Classes meet as many as six days per week, after school and on weekends for up to 400 hours each year.


Students study with teachers trained at top college music programs and conservatories.


Our students enjoy field trips, visits from guest artists, and joint performances with other young musicians.

Students learn to play music.


When Theo was a second-grade student in Flatbush, Brooklyn, he applied to join the Harmony Program, writing, “If I learn how to play the clarinet, I’ll learn many songs. I’ll learn songs that make people happy. I’ll learn songs that will help my brother go to sleep. My dad can play music, and we’ll play together.”

Two years after his first lesson, Theo was one of 30 Harmony Program students to perform under the baton of Placido Domingo at Gotham Hall. Inspired, his younger brother joined the Harmony Program last summer, and he now studies the violin.

Theo’s dad later wrote to us: “It is an honor and a privilege to see my sons participate in this program. You’re providing a wonderful opportunity for learning, growth, and excellence.”

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